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A Level Physics

In the A Level Physics section you will find information to support your A Level Physics studies. For those between year 11 and year 12 please visit the "Preparing for A Level Physics" section. You are following the OCR A Physics course which is divided into the following modules:

Module 1 & 2- Foundations of Physics

Module 3- Forces and motion

  • 3.1 Motion

  • 3.2 Forces

  • 3.3 Work, energy and power

  • 3.4 Materials

  • 3.5 Newton's laws and momentum  

Module 4- Electrons, waves and photons 

  • 4.1 Current and charge

  • 4.2 Energy, power and resistance

  • 4.3 Electrical circuits

  • 4.4 Waves

  • 4.5 Quantum Physics

Module 5 - Newtonian world and astrophysics

  • 5.1 Thermal physics

  • 5.2 Circular motion

  • 5.3 Oscillations

  • 5.4 Gravitational fields

  • 5.5 Astrophysics

Module 6- Particles and medical physics

  • 6.1 Capacitors

  • 6.2 Electric fields

  • 6.3 Electromagnetism

  • 6.4 Nuclear and particle physics

  • 6.5 Medical physics

Modules 1-4, and part of 6 are studied in year 12. While modules 5 & 6 are studied in year 13. The A Level Section of the website is split into individual pages on each of above modules which is then subdivided into the above sub-modules or individual topics. Each topic has a checklist of what you should know, a revision powerpoint, the topic booklet (email for answers) and some extra practise exam questions and answers

The two most important documents for your A Level Physics are the specification which you should use to check your knowledge as you progress through the course and the equation booklet which you must eventually know what every equation in it represents

At the end of year 13 you will take three papers:

  • Modelling physics- 1 & 2. Foundations of physics, 3. Forces and motion, 5. Newtonian world and astrophysics

  • Exploring physics- 1 & 2. Foundations of physics, 4. Electrons, waves and photons, 6. Particles and medical physics

  • Unified physics- A mixture of everything 

The revision section has a range of revision resources to help you prepare for your final exams, this should be used throughout the A Level course. 

Image by Štefan Štefančík
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