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Module 1 & 2: Foundations of Physics

This first unit studied covers Module 1- development of Practical Skill and Module 2- Foundations of Physics. The skills covered in these two modules will underpin the whole of the Physics A Level and will be gradually further developed through the whole course. The skills covered are examined equally in all exams. 


By the end of this topic you should be able to:  


  • Describe the difference between accuracy and precision and random and systematic error

  • Calculate and combine percentage and absolute uncertainties

  • Construct error bars and lines of worst fit to establish uncertainty in a gradient

  • Calculate percentage difference 

  • Name the SI base units and unit prefixes- convert to standard units e.g km to m

  • Express variables in SI base units

  • Rearrange equations and understand proportionality in equations

  • Link equations to graphs

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