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Post 18 study

If you are enjoying all or aspects of A Level Physics and want to take it further then this page contains information on further study or training after school

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Univesity applications

University applications

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For those thinking about about applying to university to study a Physics related subject the following links might be useful. When writing your personal statement for your UCAS application it essential that you have done Physics related things beyond the curriculum. Visit the extra curricular section for information on extra reading and things you can watch to enhance your statement. Once you have completed a draft of your statement your Physics teacher will be happy to read it and give you feedback. 

Institue of Physics- University Physics courses

Guide to applying for Physics related courses at university including what to consider when applying and a Physics course search 


Lets you search for all courses across the world and helps you develop your personal statement and application


Centralised admission system providing information on the applications process and lets you search for courses

University taster days

Search for taster days in subjects you're interested in to explore what studying at university will be like

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For those not wanting to go to university apprenticeships provide an opportunity to go directly into employment and be paid to train on the job. Some apprenticeships offer degrees alongside working, for those who would still like a university qualification. Some of the most competitive apprenticeships will even pay your course fees so are well worth considering applying for. There is no centralised application centre like university applications and different companies open and close applications at different times. The below links should provide you with further information about possible opportunities. Opportunities are also posted regularly on the M6 noticeboard.  

Institute of Physics- career pages

Provides information on apprenticeship opportunities, how to apply and possible career progression

The apprenticeship guide

Lots of information on all apprenticeships and how to apply 

Government apprenticeship search

Government website allowing you to search for various available apprenticeships

Work Experince


Towards the end of year 12 you will have the opportunity to carry out work experience ​in an area of your interest. This is a great opportunity to try out your potential career to see if it is right for you. If you are interested in careers in Physics the below employers might offer work experience opportunities, some virtual, some in person. Work experience needs to be organised by you and the sooner you start arranging it the more successful you are likely to be with securing a placement.

Local opportunities:

Renishaw, local world leading engineering and scientific technology company 

Ecotricity, UK's first 100% Renewable energy provider

Bristol NHS. Opportunities in Medical Physics and Bioengineering 

GE Aerospace. Aeronautical engineers specialising in world-leading jet engines


National opportunities:

Met Office. Meteorology and weather forecasting 

British Antarctic Survey. Research in Antarctic Science 

National Physical Laboratory. UK's leading Metrology (precision measurements) institute.

Rolls-Royce. Engineers of complex power and propulsion solutions 

Siemens. Technology company focused on industry, infrastructure, transport, and healthcare. 

National Nuclear Laboratory. UK’s nuclear research and development organisation   

Rutherford Appleton Laboratories. Laboratories carrying out pioneering work in areas such as particle physics, scientific computing, laser development and space research. 

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