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GCSE Physics

In the GCSE Physics section you will find information to support your GSCE Physics studies. You are following the AQA Physics course which is divided into the following topics:

Year 9

Year 10

  • Waves part 1

  • Forces and motion part 1

  • Electricity part 1

  • Atomic structure and radioactivity

  • Space Physics

Year 11

  • Electricity part 2

  • Forces and motion part 2

  • Waves part 2

  • Magnetism and electromagnetism

The GCSE Section of the website is divided into the above topics you study in years 9, 10 and 11. Each topic has a checklist of what you should know, a revision powerpoint, a knowledge organiser you can complete and some practise exam questions and answers

At the end of year 11 you will take two papers:

  • Paper 1- Energy and energy resources, Electricity, Particles, Atomic structure and radioactivity

  • Paper 2- Forces and motion, waves, magnetism and electromagnetism and space physics 

The revision section has a range of revision resources to help you prepare for your final exams, this should be used throughout the GCSE course. 

Image by Karlis Reimanis
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